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Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility (SWFBF)

The Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility is an independent benchmark administrator, specifically established to administer the Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate, known as STIBOR. STIBOR is a widely used financial benchmark designed to reflect the average rate at which a number of banks, active in the Swedish money market, are willing to lend to one another without collateral at different maturities.

Our primary purpose is to provide a best practice governance environment for the STIBOR benchmark applying international guidelines and regulations, overseen by an independent Oversight Committee. In parallel the Board, and its committees, will consider how STIBOR should best evolve for the benefit of its users and the broader Swedish financial markets

STIBOR has been classified as a critical interest rate benchmark, meaning the SFBF have until 1st January 2022 to seek authorisation to operate as an approved Administrator under European Benchmark Regulation (EU BMR). The SFBF is in the process of preparing for authorisation and intends to lodge an application to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen, during 2020.